A mock banknote featuring Frederick Lanchester.

4 wheel drive patent - 1904

Fundamental theories of flight

Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney is urging people to ‘Think Science’ for the new £50. The banknote will feature a historical character who has contributed to science in the U.K. and anyone can nominate a scientist they think fits the bill (pun absolutely intended)! Here at LIA we think that Fred would be an ideal candidate – with his important contributions to fields such as automotive engineering, aeronautics, optics, mathematics, physics and more, Fred truly embodied the qualities of the ideal scientist: curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Have we convinced you yet? If you too think that Fred should appear on the new £50, use the hashtags #GetFredOnthe50 and #ThinkScience on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to build some buzz around the campaign! Remember to tag us in your posts: @lanchester_ia on Twitter and Instagram, @lanchesterinteractive on Facebook.

You can also nominate Fred yourself by completing this form on the Bank of England website – it only takes about five minutes and the more nominations the better!


But 250 characters are precious few to cram in all of Fred’s achievements so here is one idea – can you do better? Share your nominations using the hashtag #GetFredOnThe50

Get Fred on the 50 in 250 characters

Let’s Get Fred on the £50!

Aerodynamics 1907

Lanchester Interactive Archive

1897 flying machine patent

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