Chris Clark

Lanchester Historian

I am the Lanchester Historian and Registrar, Founder of the Lanchester Trust, and have assisted Coventry University’s Lanchester Collection regularly since 1983. I am the author of Lanchester Legacy books covering technical, social and historical information, and have written biographies on Dr Frederick Lanchester and George Lanchester for inclusion in Oxford University’s National Dictionary of Biographies. Through Coventry University, I am always pleased to give talks on Lanchester to interested parties.

I feel honoured to have owned many veteran, vintage and classic Lanchesters over the years and have provided these for special occasions at Coventry University, such as the visit by Princess Anne to open the Lanchester Library. Current members of the Lanchester family have kindly commended my efforts to promote the name of Lanchester.

My life-long interest has given me an extensive knowledge of the Lanchester Collection, highlights of which have included bringing Lanchester’s blueprints, notebooks, photographs and many other historical items to the Collection. The University’s Lanchester Interactive Archive project is the next, exciting step in bringing Dr Frederick Lanchester and his brothers, Frank and George, to greater prominence, for enthusiasts and the public alike to enjoy.