LAN 2-9-58 Handwritten letter from Fred to Dorothea

It’s Day 9 of the Archive30 challenge and today’s theme is “Archive Secrets”.

We’ve chosen this gem from the Fletcher series of correspondence and it really shows that the archive isn’t just about patents and inventions!

It’s a handwritten letter written by Fred to his wife Dorothea who was 30 years his junior. Although his writing can be difficult to decipher, once you get your eye it, it is possible to read it, but here is the transcript below too. At the time he was living on site at the Daimler factory in Coventry where he was a consultant and was clearly busy with meetings and travelling to and from Birmingham.

But perhaps the most charming aspect is the way he addresses it Dorothea, his “Very Own” and signs off “Your affectionate (rare and precious antique) Fred”!

Read the transcript below and you can see all of our #Archive30 tweets on Twitter.

Daimler Works,
2A, Sandy Lane,

8th June 1921 

My Very Own,  

I thought you would like to have a line to tell you how I am faring.  

I went straight through to B’Ham and had lunch with George at the Queens and discussed things. 

Getting through in time to catch the 20 to Coventry. I arrived most opportunely and found P. M. just about to set forth to a conference at which I was wanted. 

I’ve had a most busy afternoon and satisfactorily settled many things – generally everything is going swimmingly.  

Tomorrow I am going over to see Mr Orcutt at the Gear Grinding Co. In Birmingham, and have fixed an appointment with him over the ‘phone.  We shall probably lunch together afterwards at the Queens and unless delayed (in which case I will wire) I shall catch the 2:00 for Town + reach home about tea time 

Altogether it was not altogether a misfortune that the original arrangements did not stand.  

With all my love to you dearest. 

Your affectionate (rare and precious antique) Fred. 

P.S. The unpretentious address is an alternative title for the Daimler Flat 

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