An image of a young boy using an Augmented Reality tablet at the Lanchester Archive.

Virtual reality at the Howes Primary School rainforest exhbitionSince the beginning of the Lanchester Interactive Archive the Outreach Team has worked with schools and education groups across Coventry and the West Midlands to create workshops that bring Fred Lanchester’s story to life. These workshops have introduced young people to new topics in science, technology and history in fun, engaging and interactive ways. To date we have worked with over 1,500 students in activities that help them learn more about Fred’s remarkable achievements and engage them in learning more about STEM and history.

In order to let more people know about Fred Lanchester we have a range of free lesson plans for teachers aimed An LIA team member talks to a group of schoolchildren.Primary and Secondary school aged students. These include:

  • An exciting physics lesson where students build gliders and learn about Fred’s aeronautic legacy
  • A challenging STEM lesson where students consider sources of energy and design the Lanchester car of 2040
  • The chance to learn about the Coventry Blitz and think about what life was like for children during World War Two
  • And more

You can find these free resources on our website in the Learning Zone section. Each plan has links to the science, history and English curriculum with PowerPoints designed to help students connect with the content and other easily downloadable content like worksheets. The lesson plans also include detailed notes to help guide teachers as well as ideas to extend student learning into other curriculum subjects.

ASE TeachmeetThese lessons are ideal ‘one offs’ for busy teachers or can form part of a wider scheme of work. And of course you can also use them alongside our free Augmented Reality and Serious Games as part of your own Lanchester Day of Learning – just follow our Twitter, Instagram or like our Facebook page, use the hashtag #LoveLanchester, and let us know what your school is doing to celebrate Britain’s own Leonardo Da Vinci!

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