From the first all-British four-wheeled petrol car, to today’s performance luxury cars there is a connection of innovation and technology that flows through like letters through a stick of rock, spelling ‘Lanchester’.

The first Lanchesters were produced by the Lanchester Engine Company before it was declared bankrupt and reformed as the Lanchester Motor Company Limited in 1904.  In 1931 this company was taken over by BSA and moved to share the Daimler factory in Coventry.  The last Lanchester cars left the production line in 1956 but Daimler cars based on Lanchester designs continued for several years and eventually Daimler was itself was taken over by Jaguar.

The Lanchester Motor Company still exists today as a dormant company owned by Jaguar’s owers Tata, so the brand still stays alive at the heart of a vibrant automotive sucess story breaking new ground with cars like the electric i-Pace.

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