David Jason's Great British Inventions - Photo: Channel 4

The first episode of a new series from More 4 is being brodcast tonight at 9pm featuring some of Frederick Lanchester’s iconic car designs.

The Lanchester Archive stand at the NEC Classic Car Show with a 1926 Lanchester hp.“Only Fools and Horses” star Sir David Jason filmed with Lanchester expert Chris Clark to highlight some of the amazing creations of the motoring pioneer Fred Lanchester for his new series “David Jason’s Great British Inventions”.

Sir David is a life-long engineer and his brother was once the owner of a Lanchester car and was fascinated by the history of Lanchester and his achievements.

The four part series explores some of the inventions that have transformed our lives and the inventors behind them.  The first in the series focuses on the development of the wheel from the Penny Farthing to the Stephenson Rocket.  As well as ‘Del-Boy’s’ Reliant Regal Supervan, Sir David takes a ride with Chris in a 1924 Lanchester 40 hp which we know well at the LIA. Tally ho!

David Jason’s Great British Inventions is available on All 4 in the UK after it is broadcast on 22nd January 2020 at 9pm on More 4

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