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We’re really excited to be hosting our first ASE TeachMeet at the Lanchester Interactive Archive on Wednesday November 8th at 4.15pm.

What is a TeachMeet?

Chromatography with Smarties, another TeachMeet idea shared

Chromatography with Smarties, another TeachMeet idea shared

A TeachMeet is an informal opportunity for teachers to share ideas or resources they find useful and pick up new inspirations and contacts at the same time! You can come along and just soak up all the ideas and enthusiasm or if you’ve got questions or want to share your own ideas, you can give a 2-4 minute nano-presentation.

As well as the presentations, there will be plenty of chances to network and see some of the many exhibitors, from Medical Mavericks to Hands on Science.

Who should come?

Teachers or anyone involved in teaching, especially primary science this time, but there are bound to be things that transfer to other subjects and secondary teaching.  You don’t have to be a member of ASE, and tickets are free, but please do sign up on the Eventbrite page so that we can cater (oh yes there is free food and drinks too!).

Explore the Lanchester Interactive Archive

Based in Coventry University’s Lanchester Library, we aim to share and explore the story of Britain’s ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. Using augmented reality, serious games and even a real Lanchester car, the inventions and engineering genius of Fred Lanchester are brought to life for students of all ages. As the creator of the first all-British motor car in 1895 and author of over 200 patents on everything from flying machines and inflatable buildings to turbo-charging and four-wheel drive, his little-known legacy is a fantastic resource for bringing to life STEM subjects and much more.

Come to the TeachMeet and see the space for yourself and meet the Outreach team, who are available to come into schools and facilitate free workshops or book visits to the space itself for a unique trip.

We hope you’ll sign up and look forward to seeing you there!



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